History:  In the Fall of 2006 all-Ireland Champion flute and whistle player Turlach Boylan established The Kansas City School of Irish Music (KCSIM) in what was then called the Kansas City Museum and Cultural Center, in Kansas City’s Union Station.  The first classes were on tin whistle.  He applied and won a grant from the KC Irish Fest in 20XX, and greatly expanded the collection of Irish Traditional Music (ITM), held at the center.  At the start of 2007 Dave Agee began teaching fiddle at the school.   In 2008 two more teachers joined the school: Douglas Goodhart (Fiddle, Bodhrán, and Tin Whistle), and Emily McIntyre (Harp and vocals).  At that time all the classes at KCSIM were one-on-one.  This incarnation of the school continued into 2009, but did not continue past 2010.  

In late 2012 Eddie Edwards began discussion with Nancy Wormington and Renata Rua at the Kansas City Museum and Cultural Center, about starting group classes.  In January of 2013 Eddie began teaching six-week group classes with his friend Dave Agee. The Tuesday evening group classes were well attended, and by the Start of the March classes they were joined by Molly McLaughlin. In addition to the group classes, individual lessons on flute, tin-whistle, banjo, mandolin, guitar, and bodhrán are now also available.